De marketingtrends voor 2013

Marketeers hebben volgend jaar geen keuze meer. Ze zullen meer dan ooit moeten inzetten op content. Enkel zo kunnen ze nog invloed uitoefenen op en een band aangaan met hun contacten en klanten. De marketingexperts van Hubspot schetsen de to dos voor 2013 in hun Trends-rapport.

De 5 grootste tendensen:

  1. Content is king, whether you like it or not. Creating more and more content will be among the top priorities for marketing teams in 2013.
  2. Marketers that company’s hire in 2013 will carry skills in content creation, lead generation, optimization and data analysis.
  3. Prospects respond to valuable content that is more helpful and educational.
  4. More so than ever before, budgets spent on outbound marketing (paid media) will shift to inbound marketing (earned media and original content).
  5. Marketers will need to go beyond simply creating content to creating a personalized experience for their target customer that’s seamless across multiple interactions.

Marketing speaker David Meerman Scott wijst er op dat de tijd van de marketingcampagnes afgelopen is. Merken moeten constant communiceren en de dialoog aangaan:

In 2013 we’ll see many more marketers take advantage of the power of real-time communications to grow business. In 2013, buyers instantly engage with brands on their Websites, talk back via social media like Twitter and Facebook, and follow breaking news in the markets they are interested. The old model of marketing built on a company timeline doesn’t work so well but after decades of “campaigns” planned way in advance, it’s difficult for marketers to change to a mindset based on speed. Clearly the opportunities to grow your business in 2013 and beyond mean real-time is key. Success comes from engaging your buyers when they’re ready not when it’s convenient for you.”


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